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WWIN also hosts occasional symposiums.  These vary in length depending upon the topic, and are usually supported entirely or in part by sponsorships.  Like our Speaker Series events, symposiums are open to everyone.   Symposiums vary in length depending upon the topic, and are usually supported entirely or in part by sponsorships.   If you would like to be contacted for possible sponsorship of a WWIN hosted symposium, please contact us at and we will include you on our roster to contact.


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Whatcom Marine Research Symposium

February 23 • via Zoom • Videos

The goal of the Whatcom Marine Research Symposium was to share information on marine research and recovery and better understand current conditions, inform future research, and support resource management of Whatcom County marine waters and shorelines.

Presentation Titles

  • Morning Keynote presented by Nooksack Storytellers Tammy Cooper-Woodrich and Angela Letoi,

  • Collaborative Efforts to Remove European Green Crabs in Whatcom County,

  • The Effect of Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology on the Foraging Success of Individual Harbor Seals,

  • Location, recent history, and natural history, are key to determining impact to rocky intertidal communities resulting from 2021 heatwave,

  • Searching for Alexandrium and Hooligans: the Salish Sea Research Center applies molecular methods to inform local communities about microalgae and forage fish,

  • Northern Anchovy, a game-changer for the Salish Sea food web?

  • Afternoon keynote presented by Rena Priest, Washington State Poet Laureate and Lummi Tribal member,

  • Using Light Traps to Assess Cherry Point Herring and Crabs,

  • Intertidal Monitoring in the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve,

  • Understanding and Advancing Natural Resource Management in the Context of Climate Change,

  • Discussion Panel: How do we apply what we know to inform natural resource management?  What data gaps and research needs exist?


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Drought Contingency Planning and Preparedness

July 23 • via Zoom • Video

This virtual forum goal was to provide community members information on drought vulnerability and preparedness in Whatcom County, and drought contingency planning at the federal, state, and local levels.


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Shared Waters, Challenges, and Solutions

September 19

This forum included short talks on critical water topics followed by an opportunity to talk with speakers and partners working on solutions.

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