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This Resource Directory is not an inclusive list of resources; it includes links that align with WWIN's mission to protect and restore our local waters and watersheds by supporting and enhancing information exchange, education, public involvement and engagement, and collaboration.  Many of our network members provide valuable information and resources on a variety of water-related topics.  Please visit The Network page to find organizations working in our watersheds.

Data, Tools, etc
Data, Tools, and Watershed Info
HM_Bham Bay Plankton_Andy Snow.JPEG

Photo: Andy Snow, 2021 WWIN Photo Contest

Environmental Education

Photo: Kym Franklen, 2022 WWIN Photo Contest


Photo: Edmund Lowe, 2022 WWIN Photo Contest

Habitat Restoration
Habitat Restoration and Salmon Recovery

Photo: Ian Smith, 2022 WWIN Photo Contest

Lindsie Fratus-Thomas_4_1634427294.JPEG

Photo: Lindsie Fratus-Thomas, 2021 WWIN Photo Contest

Landowner Resources
Landowner Resources
There’s No Place Like Home by Phyllis Tiffin (Protecting & Restoring Our Water).jpg

Photo: Phyllis Tiffin, 2020 WWIN Photo Contest

Water Quality-Quantity
Water Quality and Quantity

Photo: Edmund Lowe, 2022 WWIN Photo Contest

Watershed Mgmt
Watershed Management and Public Engagement


  • How do I attend public meetings?

    • All local government meetings are open to the public. Check The Network page for more information.

Photo: Nate Bolten, 2022 WWIN Photo Contest


Photo: Sean Ventura, 2022 WWIN Photo Contest

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