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The Whatcom Watersheds Information Network (WWIN) is a diverse group of citizens, agencies, non-profits, and businesses involved in water and natural resources education in Whatcom County. WWIN is an apolitical, non-advocacy organization.

2nd annual outreach networking_061319.jp
2nd Annual Outreach Networking Event, June 13, 2019

WWIN's mission  is to protect and restore our local waters and watersheds by supporting and enhancing information exchange, education, public involvement and engagement, and collaboration.

Our work includes:

  • Providing our community with timely and technically sound information about marine and freshwater ecosystems, watersheds, and natural resource issues. 

  • Supporting opportunities for community members to engage in water and natural resources stewardship. 

  • Enhancing education and outreach efforts by providing relevant information and trainings to our members and other natural resource managers and educators. 

  • Strengthening education and outreach efforts by facilitating coordination, collaboration, and partnerships so that member organizations can be more efficient, reduce duplication, and develop stronger funding proposals.     

  • Linking local education and outreach to larger regional efforts and identifying education and outreach needs in Whatcom County.

Visit our events page or read our work plan (hyperlink to pdf) to learn more about what we do.


We are a network of partners working together. Member organizations provide in-kind staff and administrative support plus additional funding for events.  Local businesses are generous in their sponsorship of WWIN events like Water Week and Symposiums. Small grants provide additional funding assistance.

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  • Join the WWIN Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets monthly to develop and implement our annual work plan.  We are always looking for more help.  Send an email to Whatcomwatersheds@gmail.com if you’re interested in attending a meeting to learn more